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The Real Estate Closing Process



During the closing process, our firm will do the following to ensure that you can feel safe with your purchase and that your closing goes as smooth as possible:

  • Review or prepare your purchase contract
  • Determine through a title search whether title to the real estate is marketable and/or insurable by a title insurance company
  • Obtain necessary title insurance coverage from a reputable title insurance company
  • Acquire loan documents and requirements from your lender and coordinate the closing process with them.
  • Ensure that all contract and lender requirements are complete, including escrows, insurance, tax pro-rations, HOA pro-rations, seller credits, recording costs, loan costs, title fees, and so on
  • Meet with you to review and sign all real estate closing documents (the "Closing")
  • Record all required documents in the appropriate Register of Deeds Office
  • Disburse all payments and fees required to complete your real estate closing
  • Respond to your questions throughout the closing process

Wills and Estate Planning

We draft Wills, Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Guardianship Documents, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Financial Powers of Attorney and Living Wills. We also search and review estates throughout the title search process.

Sellers/for sale by owner

If you already executed a contract with the help of a real estate agent, then once we receive a copy of the contract, we will do the following to help you sell your home as quickly as possible:

  • Coordinate with your agent to gather all necessary information
  • Draft and prepare the deed and any other required seller documents
  • Review the settlement statement for accuracy and completeness

If you are selling your real estate without the help of a real estate agent, we can further help you by drafting an appropriate purchase contract and guiding you through the home-selling process.





Referral Networks

We welcome the opportunity to work with any new or established Realtors, lenders, loan servicers, insurance agents, investment managers, and others. Please contact us for more information.


We advise and assist local, regional, and national investors in the acquisition of property portfolios, income properties, property "flips", and other creative investment options. We offer preliminary title searches, title curative services, settlement services and common-sense guidance to protect your investments. Our goal is to help our clients tailor their investment strategy to generate maximum return on investment (ROI) by positioning the investment property to create top marketable equity through the use of smart capital, intelligent purchasing power, and precise market timing while minimizing potential unnecessary risk.